Acrylic Painting - Surreal and Fantasy Landscapes
6-8 p.m. Wednesdays, September 18-October 23

Members: $120

Non-members: $135

Instructor: Emma Farber Cunningham
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In this class you will learn how to paint unusual environments that are full of curiosity, mystery and lots of imagination! We will discuss idea generation and how to gather and use imagery/source material to effectively create fantastic scenes. You will be shown how to control the mood or overall tone of your work by implementing unique color palettes and brushwork. In addition, you'll be encouraged to try a variety of acrylic paint application techniques and textures (both real and implied) that emphasize the surreal quality of your paintings.

Teacher Bio:
Emma received a majority of her art education in the area. She attended Black Hawk College from 2006-2008, St.Ambrose University from 2009-2011, and Illinois State University from 2013-2016. While in school, she immersed herself in graphic design, painting, and art history courses.

Since her return to the Quad Cities, she has worked as an adjunct art instructor for both Black Hawk College and Scott Community College.

Emma's main body of work is composed of imagined landscapes that mix representational and abstract elements. She utilizes a vibrant palette while playing with myriad painting strategies—hard edges against soft ones, large brushy passages adjacent to smaller, more detailed ones, and smoothly blended wet-on-wet areas juxtaposed by choppy, layered sections.

Although the subject matters of her artworks are varied and prone to change, she remains interested in creating areas of contrast by pairing the elements and principles of art—especially color, value, texture, unity, and variety. Through a combination of both careful planning and playful experimentation, she seeks to find a poetic balance between visual extremes within each piece.

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